Traycase for the Scribner Edition of 11/22/63 by Stephen King!

Even though the Limited Edition of 11/22/63 by Stephen King was published by another publisher, we've heard from several dozen of our customers who desperately want some kind of traycase to protect their book since this particular Limited Edition was issued without a case. A traycase would not only protect their investment, but it would help make the book look more like their other Stephen King Limited Editions.

After talking it over, we've decided to accept preorders for a special, custom-made traycase that is sized and designed specifically for this book. There will be HOT FOIL STAMPING on the lid and spine of the case, just like our normal traycases, designed to match the lettering on the actual book. We will be using our usual high quality materials and unless you tell someone, they won't know this case was made separately for the book.

We're selling these Limited Edition traycases for $49.95. Because of the high cost of manufacturing, preorders can only be accepted until DECEMBER 1st and we won't be ordering extras for future sale. Please do not wait to place your order because that's less than two weeks from now!


Note: The book is NOT included with the case.