Ex-Amish occult detective Levi Stolzfus, the star of Ghost Walk and A Gathering of Crows, returns in a brand-new novella called The Witching Tree! The Witching Tree takes place just a few weeks after the events of A Gathering of Crows. Levi returns home to encounter a case of demonic possession that will rock his faith to its core and challenge everything he believes in and has fought for.

The Witching Tree appears in Is There A Demon In You? – a new 303-page limited edition hardcover anthology from Camelot Books that also features all-new demonic possession novellas by Nate Southard (Mr. Gray), Mary SanGiovanni (Possessing Amy), and Wrath James White (Amber Alert). Cover art by Chad Savage. End papers and interior art by Glenn Chadbourne. Limited to 500 signed and numbered hardcover copies. Price: $50. CLICK HERE TO ORDER. Books begin shipping next week.

An important note: It will be at least two years before The Witching Tree (or any of the other novellas) appear in digital, paperback, or any other format. So if you don’t want to miss this next crucial chapter in Levi’s career, buy your copy now.

Customers who purchase the book directly from Camelot Books will also receive one of four free chapbooks featuring original stories. They are: Fast Zombies Suck by Brian Keene, Baby Teeth by Mary SanGiovanni, The Devil Crashed In by Nate Southard, and Tamara’s Last Exorcism by Wrath James White. The chapbooks are limited to 125 signed and numbered softcover copies. Customers will receive one chapbook per one copy of Is There A Demon In You? Please don’t ask for a particular chapbook as they will be included one after the other as books are shipped, while supplies last. What that means is, when they ship out a book, they’ll include “Fast Zombies Suck”, with the next book, they’ll include “Baby Teeth”, then “The Devil Crashed In” with the next book and “Tamara’s Last Exorcism” with the next, and then start the sequence over. This was the only way to be fair with the allocation of the chapbooks. Don’t bitch about it, as this is a free “thank you” from Camelot Books for your support.