I was hoping to hear from Mindy before I posted this, but I just don't have much time here.

I've been sucker-punched with various bills (medical, bills, home) in the span of just a few days and I'm going to have to sell my "positions" on several CD letters, many of which are sold out. I say "positions" because none of these books have yet been published. If you buy book x, y, and z from me, I'll inform Mindy/CD that I've relinquished my pre-purchase to said buyer. I know this isn't as good as "book in hand", but it's all I got.

Here are the books, along with their respective MSRPs:

$250.00 Lilja's Library: The World of Stephen King (sold out)
$500.00 Stephen King: The Non-Fiction (sold out)
$300.00 Screamplays (sold out)
$400.00 Smoke and Mirrors - selling for $280
$250.00 A Collector's Guide to Dean Koontz (special reservation)
$175.00 Cemetery Dance #62 Special Lettered Edition Hardcover Magazine - selling for $122.50
$1,875.00 => $1702.50 (with discounts)

Since Smoke and Mirrors and CD #62 are not yet sold out, I'm selling these at a 30% discount.

If you would like to purchase all six books, I'll throw in an across-the-board discount of 25% off retail, for a grand total of $1406.25. That's $468.75 off the MSRP.

I would rather sell these to a single buyer, but individual sales are also welcomed.

This is currently the only place I'm posting this. If I don't get any bites after three or four days, I'll be copying this to sites like Shocklines and The Collector.

Please PM me here or via my regular email address - "f l e g g e t t A T g a t e D O T n e t". Thanks for reading!