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Thread: AHWA Benefit Auction for Rocky Wood

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    AHWA Benefit Auction for Rocky Wood

    Hey everyone
    The AHWA has most AMAZING books up for auction - and more coming in every day
    But NOW we need to get some bidders
    So PLEASE dig deep everyone - There's no point having all these wonderful books if no one will buy them
    You can remote bid anytime between now and the auction
    If anyone has a problem understanding the bidding system, please let me know - however it's pretty self explanatory

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    Cool Fundraiser Benefit for Rocky Wood

    Hi Everyone. I'm re-posting this from HWA Facebook page. Please read and spread the word. It's a good cause for a really nice guy. If you're into collecting, there are lots of signed books up for bid.



    Rocky Wood

    All, there's a big online fundraiser to help me buy an Eye-Gaze Device to assist communication when I decline from the ALS/MND (Lou Gehrig's Disease). Lots of brilliant authors have donated but we have almost NO bids! So, if you are interested in horror duck over and see what things you might buy - mostly signed by the authors, including STEPHEN KING . And if you can't bid please SHARE this post w.........ith everyone you know who is interested in horror. I need this thing to go viral if the bids are to match the generosity of the donors. Postage to anywhere in the world:

    Thanks to the various authors donating, Wandaful Wendy , the Australian American Association (Erin Francis Laura Muscat ) and the Australian Horror Writers Assoc (Geoff Geoff Brown ) for all their wonderful help

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    Thanks MLD, I remembered there being another thread about the same thing, so I merged the two.
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    And Cemetery Dance have kindly donated Sectretary of Dreams Vols I and II Gift Edition
    You guys are the best...!!!!

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