I'll be going away next week to a campsite which is hosting its annual Halloween theme. It's a great time, especially for the kids, with site-to-site trick-or-treating and the like and a site decorating contest which, if I'm allowed to brag a little, I came in 3rd place out of 500 last year. Now, to really enjoy the experience, I'll be bringing some horror novels and films (like Trick 'r Treat, which is now an October tradition). But I'd really like to rent a couple films I've never watched before so I can watch them in the RV late in the evening. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions that would fit the bill. If it helps any, I'm specifically interested in either religious themed horror (cults, witches, Satan, etc) or films dripping with Halloween atmosphere, something that's maybe a little campy, fun and scary at the same time.

Any suggestions are severely appreciated.