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Thread: Stephen King Fall for the Book Awards 2011

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    Stephen King Fall for the Book Awards 2011

    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to see let you all know that through a lot of good chance I happened to have acquired an extra "Golden ticket" for the Fall for the Book Award Stephen King book signing. Each Golden ticket allows up to two people to stand in line together and get one book of choice signed by Mr. King himself. There were exactly 400 tickets available for this and 300 of them had to be bought, while 100 of them were put into a lottery. The event is 9/23/2011. The book signing starts after the ceremony at 8:00 pm at George Mason University.

    In case anyone is interested in general seating just to see the ceremony, I have a couple of tickets for that too. However, the seats are not together which did not work out for the original people who got the tickets so figured I should clarify now.

    I guess I'll post the tickets up on Ebay some time today if anyone is interested. I heard a lot of people didn't get a fighting chance to order the tickets and they were sold out instantly. Since I bought a Golden ticket already I figure making the one I happen to win through the lottery available could really make some Stephen King fan's day.

    If anybody has any questions, feel free to email me at Thanks!

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    adendum to original

    Sorry- ignore the "300 were bought and 100 were lottery" statement I made. I think that break down is wrong. Bottomline, just know there are only 400 tickets available for book signing.

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    Awesome Event!!!!

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