Beginning in September of 2011, Thunderstorm Books will publish the Essential Ronald Kelly Collection. This accumilative set will include all 8 of the original Zebra novels published between 1990 and 1996. Each edition will boast full-color covers by Alex McVey, a brand-new bonus novella or extra-long short story linked to characters and locations in the original novel, and a "Writing of" feature on how I came up with the idea for the novel and the creative process behind it. The books will also feature spines which -- set side-by-side -- form a panoramic piece of Alex McVey artwork. All the books in the Essential Collection will be a "Supercell" series and will be of the same size and high-quality production values of the Black Voltage titles.

Book One of the Essentials will be:


Book Two of the Essentials will be: