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Thread: HARVEST MOON and other Tales from the Beldam Woods

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    Cool HARVEST MOON and other Tales from the Beldam Woods

    This is an 8/9/09 post "borrowed" from the Brian Keene Board:

    Another fun Halloween series from James A Moore. Although each story is a fun read that stands on it's own, I would rather read them as a series in the following order:

    "Harvest Gods" (Earthling collection SLICES)

    BONE HARVEST (Cemetery Dance chapbook)

    PATCHWORK (Bloodletting Press novella) - I think this is my fave.

    HARVEST MOON (Cemetery Dance novel)

    "Shades of Gray" (Earthling collection SLICES) - hmmm, perhaps this is my fave

    Just remember, when you visit Witch's Hollow - don't touch anything, especially the mushrooms.

    Keep Smiling, Jan
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