Hey guys this isn't really like an official statement or anything, but I wanted to say with all the stuff that's happening right now that CD is still pretty much business as usual. We have a pretty small staff so we're continuing to operate, we're all just being careful. Obviously if something changes and the shipping companies decide to scale back or something we may have to put shipping on hold for a little while, but I don't actually expect that is going to happen. Especially not the USPS. So as it stands now we're still open and orders are being shipped.

On some other update notes. The Chrysalis just wrapped up shipping. Mystery Road should be starting to ship today. I'm not really sure what's next on the shipping schedule after that, as I think we have a bit of lull between projects arriving from the printer. Maybe we'll finally get a real inventory done... Also as a side note for our international customers I've been negotiating some improved international shipping rates with the USPS. We've secured the rates, and are in the process of getting those linked to our shipping software account as well as the account that looks up the rates for the website. So hopefully within the next month or so all of our international customers should start seeing some better rates on that end.