I didn't see a dedicated thread for Earthling on the forum, so I figured I'd start one.

A couple interesting tidbits from their newsletter today.

The first being that Hirshberg's NOTHING TO DEVOUR will be out in spring. I'm a big Hirshberg fan and am on the list for lettered editions once they get around to them.

The second was that they have a "surprise lettered edition of a book whose numbered edition was published by a well-known specialty press." And the author is someone that Earthling has published in the past. Here are my guesses:

1. THOSE WHO ARE WAVING by Glen Hirshberg (published by CD)
2. OUTSIDE THE GATES OF EDEN by Lewis Shiner (published by Subterranean)
3. ON THIS, THE DAY OF THE PIG by Josh Malerman (published by CD)

Anybody have any guesses?

Either way I'm very interested in what it will be. I have yet to pick up a lettered edition from Earthling, but the pictures of the ones I have seen look fantastic. It the title strikes my fancy, I'm hoping to get lucky and snag one.