It's with mixed emotions I'm selling my entire Laymon collection, but while it greatly saddens me to part with many books that have been a great joy to read and share in the adventures, it makes me happy to know they will find new, good homes among Laymon fans. I've listed the first few: A CEMETERY DANCE LETTERED EDITION OF THE BEST OF CEMETERY DANCE, signed by Laymon, Koontz, King and many many other great writers of the modern genre, a very good crisp copy of the ultra rare 'A Strangers Arms' which he penned under the name of Carla Laymon, and the only copy I've ever seen in existance in print of the short story 'What Jimmy Saw' which is in the halloween edition of the 1998 Los Angeles Times.

These three and many many other ultra rare titles will be appearing in due course on ebay. Hope they find good homes but more importantly they go somewhere where people will treasure them at least a fraction as much as what I've done over the years they are all listed on