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Thread: I found book I want and than I found myself asking....

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    Question I found book I want and than I found myself asking....

    I found a very appealing new young adult book about an orphan, a circus elephant and some seeds. This book will be mine, I will buy it. Later I saw where I can get it in hardback or a cased book. I have to admit I do not know-What is a cased book?

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    Hardback binding (hardcover) and case binding (casebound) are typically used interchangably as the terms essentially mean the same thing. I don't know if the bookseller/publisher that is advertising this meant "hardcover or casebound" -- i.e. meaning tbe same thing and just covering both terms to be safe -- or if they meant something else, e.g. perhaps they're suggesting one is slipcased and one is not...?

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