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Thread: Trading a S/L Stephen King HC for a signed print...will I regret it?

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    Trading a S/L Stephen King HC for a signed print...will I regret it?

    So today I stumbled upon a framed and matted print (print, not orig. art), signed and numbered, from a favorite (and deceased) vintage artist of mine, and the ABAA-certified bookdealer is open to trades. About the only thing I have that could make it close to a wash would be a signed/limited Stephen King. I'm thinking of offering my signed/numbered/slipcased edition of King's UNDER THE DOME...also comes in the special aftermarket slipcase that includes a separate storage tray for the cards.

    UNDER THE DOME was the book that brought King back in my life in 2009 after pretty much dismissing most of what he wrote in the ten'ish years before its publication (and found his '90s stuff hit and miss). That reigniting of Constant Readership lasted for a couple more books -- 11/22/63 and JOYLAND, both of which I loved -- before I once again fell off the bandwagon...tried one other one, DR. SLEEP, in 2013 and didn't care for it at all. I haven't read anything else of his since. I should also note that I have the signed/numbered limited editions of both 11/22/63 and JOYLAND (and CUJO) and two signed HC trade 1sts, so UNDER THE DOME is neither my only King limited nor my only signed King.

    As mentioned, I'm thinking of trading it...but:

    1). Since UNDER THE DOME reignited my King passion -- however briefly -- I do have some sentimental attachment to it, even though in the examination of things it's a stereotype-heavy, cliche-ridden book with a silly ending...not a bad book -- kinda fun, despite its faults -- but certainly not in the realm of 11/22/63 or JOYLAND (let alone his early classics). I won't be re-reading it.

    2). I can't underscore how hard of a time I have selling books of much lesser import and pride and value...sometimes I think there's a certain hoarder aspect to this book-collecting hobby of mine. So: casting off a signed/limited Stephen King feels wrong by any measure...under normal circumstances.

    3). But I reeaally want this signed print, so it feels like perhaps "normal circumstances" are not -- or should not be -- in play.

    But will I miss the book? Am I being too impulsive (just saw the print today), and will I severely regret trading it away? All I know for sure is that I can't justify the expense of the print without doing this trade.

    Not really sure about the point of this post, other than to put it down on paper, so to speak, and see if that helps resolve the issue....since rolling it around in my mind all day hasn't gotten me much closer to a decision. Any tips, advice, etc. anyone wants to throw my way is appreciated.
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