Based on your feedback we have added a separate level for The Cabin at the End of the World Special Edition by Paul Tremblay signed & numbered hardcover to the campaign page. The deluxe lettered traycased hardcover will have a retail price of $325 and it is included in the COLLECTOR'S BUNDLE which is $350 and gets you a lot more for an additional $25 (signed & numbered hardcover of The Cabin at the End of the World, Writing as Life signed & numbered, surprise limited hardcover and Joshua Hoffine Horror Photography deluxe hardcover). Thanks for your feedback and hope you consider reserving The Cabin at the End of the World Special Edition in the Indiegogo campaign, but it will also be offered for preorder later this year on our website.

Indiegogo link:

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Personally not a fan of Indiegogo campaigns and will probably end up going with the SST version because of that. Would love to snag the DRP hardcover limited of Tremblay's book but have no desire for the other two books in the hardcover package. Perhaps they will have a single copy of the limited available later; however, I will probably not chance it and just go with SST version, especially since I already have head full of ghosts preordered with them.