Hello everyone,

What is your favorite David Lynch film and why?

I always go back and forth between Mulholland Drive and Fire Walk with Me. They are actually my two favorite films of all time and I find them to both be pretty much perfect.

FWWM has more of a midnight horror movie vibe and what I love most about it is it's emotion and intensity. The way Laura Palmer is depicted in the movie by Sheryl Lee is probably my favorite performance/character in any medium ever. The movie has an extremely powerful message on abuse, trauma, and evil.

Mulholland Drive has more of a mystery/atmospheric vibe and feels more like a classic American film. The style is more controlled with meaningful cinematography in every scene but also an indescribable creepiness. It is an extremely complex and layered film covering themes of psychology, guilt, Hollywood and film itself.

I love these two films equally but if I had to choose right now I would pick Mulholland Drive because it is so perfect from start to finish. FWWM obviously is just one part (albeit the best part) of the Twin Peaks universe and kind of needs knowledge of the show to be appreciated which isn't really a flaw. On the other hand, in Mulholland Drive every single scene is loaded with meaning. It presents a solvable mystery but also enough to think about endlessly. I have seen it countless times and it still effects me on a deep level and always reveals something new.

Thank you!