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Yeah I was hoping to get a hint from this . Especially when Brian mentioned about the future. Guess we all read too much into that. Besides with Suntup having a new book announced and another in a month plus SST announcing the next Tremblay. I and my wallet need a bit of a rest.
For me, my future collecting seems to be coming down to:
Borderlands Little Books
SST's Lansdale books (two more collections to go)
Suntup's numbered non-Kings and AGEs
CD offerings via the credit I've accumulated (still waiting to wrap up the preorders for the DoubleDay Years)

Of course I'll probably also grab the occasional SubPress and Earthling book. And there is a two book set I'm interested in from Centipede. But going forward that seems to be it.

Oh wait, there's also LetterPress to pursue.

Reading this back, it seems my collecting is not so streamlined.