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    An update from me

    After almost 23 years I have left the Night Audit graveyard shift. It seemed to me that I was just barely coping with sleeping in the day time. As I stayed in night audit for years I think I became a very light sleeper and it simply didn't take much to awake me and disturb my sleep. Two friends meeting in the parking lot and stopping to have a chit chat session could wake me up. I tried a white noise machine--That doesn't work for me. I used ear plugs for 4 - 4 1/2 years until I had a problem using the ear plugs. I could still do the actual work with no problem. I just needed a change and to see the sunlight again while working. Thinking about spending another year in night audit upset me and I really tried to not think about it. After the problems here last year the concessionaire really cut labor hours and jobs. One night auditor at the unit where I work was laid off. A second night auditor at my unit workplace came really, really close to being laid off. I was okay because I had the Lead position. I now work at the Front Desk and am happy to report I enjoy sleeping at night.
    Some pictures I took. Genevieve Valentine has become a favorite author (The Icon and Persona books). The Lone Ranger cookie jar is new. I'd wanted one for a while, but they're hard to acquire and generally not cheap.

    Steve (AKA Cap)

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