I'm happy to announce that preordering for the digital edition of my new collection WE LIVE INSIDE YOUR EYES is now live on Amazon and other retailers, with a release date of 4/26. The paperback will be released on the same day.


In the ruins of an old parking garage, there is an effigy lashed to a pillar. To anyone else, the remains of the woman with the goat skull head is a warning. To a lonely young boy looking for escape, it is a god of salvation. At its feet lay tattered old notebooks, scattered stories, tales of strange encounters, of broken people and monstrous things, and of corrupt hearts and evil minds. In order to complete his transfiguration, the boy must read these stories, but he has no idea the fate that awaits him.

WE LIVE INSIDE YOUR EYES is the much anticipated new collection from Bram Stoker Award-winning horror author Kealan Patrick Burke, featuring previously uncollected stories and two brand new tales written especially for this collection, the short story "You Have Nothing to Fear From Me", and the novelette "The House on Abigail Lane." With an introduction and story notes by the author.​

Available on April 26th in paperback and digital.

We Live Inside Your Eyes - small2.jpg