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Thread: Signed Thomas Harris book for under $20...? Yes, please!

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    Signed Thomas Harris book for under $20...? Yes, please!

    Barnes & Noble has a pre-order up for a SIGNED copy of Thomas Harris' new one, CARI MORA.

    Pub. (May 21) priced at $29, it's on pre-order for $20.30...which is what I paid yesterday, and was thrilled to do so. But it's even better today, as they have a 10% coupon with code JUST4YOU, which would bring it down to $18.27...for a signed 1st HC Thomas Harris book!

    I still have trouble believing this is real, given Harris' notorious reluctance to sign, tour, market his public persona, etc., but given that it's B&N it appears legit. Even if you're skeptical, it's worth the gamble...I didn't hesitate for a second yesterday, and I'm anxious for May to roll around so I can see if my faith in B&N paid off.

    I wouldn't wait long as I've no idea how many he signed, but given Harris' past aversion to signing I can't imagine it's too many.
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