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Thread: Frankenstein Horror Series

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    Frankenstein Horror Series

    I stumbled across this book series this weekend. I'd never heard of it before. I was going to post here asking for help finding a complete list of the titles in this series. I did find a complete list this morning. What surprised me was seeing Otto O Binder's name as an author-The very same Otto O Binder who was one of the main writers of the Captain Marvel comic book published by Fawcett Publications. ~Cap

    The Beast With The Red Hands (frankenstein Horror Series) by Sidney Stuart
    The Curse of Quintana Roo (Frankenstein Horror Series) by Matt Gardner
    Dragon's Teeth by Keith Miles
    The Frankenstein Wheel by Paul W. Fairman
    Ghoul Lover by Robert Tralins
    The Hospital Horror by Otto O. Binder
    The Marrow Eaters by Harris Moore
    The Night of the Wolf by Frank Belknap Long
    Seven Tickets to Hell by Robert Moore Williams
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