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The Gauntlet books from back in the day, with the misc. Bradbury and Matheson classic works, the Repairman Jack novels, the Classics series (PSYCHO, EXORCIST, etc.) were terrific -- impressive books with nice layouts and designs and production qualities, clean text, stunning traycases, and so on. But the last few years the quality just seems to have diminished significantly, everything from line/copyediting to cover designs (Wilson's THE GOD GENE, anyone?) to the binding (not sure what used for this two-volume Matheson set but it feels and looks flimsy, like (correct or not) a cheap glue job) and board covering, it feels very much like corners are being cut to the bone from what came before, making these later books pale even more in comparison. If Camelot took returns, I'd likely send these back, and that's a thought I've never had about a Gauntlet release.

Gauntlet has done some remarkable work since their inception in 1994 and I've been a fan for nearly all that time, and, as well, the fact that they've been around for 25 years when so many small presses have bit the bullet is something to be applauded. But in my estimation they've faltered the last few years in by cutting corners to presumably stave off increasing costs...I certainly can't blame them for looking for ways to stay economically viable in an increasingly challenging environment, but I hope they find some way to turn things around and regain their noted quality -- a good first step would be looking to their past for inspiration.
This is really sad to read. It has been a few years since I have purchased anything from Gauntlet but I have always been happy with my purchases.