Since I've mentioned it before, and it's not a secret, but my job situation took a dark turn in November. To catch-up, we laid off about 12-15% of our workforce, and then those that remain are being forced to take a mandatory furlough day every week. This is also known as a mandatory 20% paycut. You could use your PTO to offset lost wages, but then you'd have no time off when (if?) we go back to normal. Plus HR has hinted that they're going to change the PTO accumulation policy this year, so even less PTO is earned.

In mid-December, we decided we'll need to move, because my salary was no longer worth commuting 4-5 hours each day. We were able to move closer (into my MIL's house - so free rent) so that's good.

Also in mid-December, I decided that I'll need to look for a new job.

On Monday, I was offered a new job, which I promptly accepted. It comes with a nice hefty raise, and even a nice signing bonus. Well, they call it a relocation bonus.

So yes, I'm on the move to a new state, one that's landlocked so my diving days are going to be even more limited than before (that reminds me, I can make any interested parties a great deal on a ton of SCUBA equipment! And some lawn care stuff too . . .)

On March 4th, I start my new job in Colorado. So that's exciting.

Oh - don't worry Ron - I'm still going to try and make sure your Black Crouch book(s) can get signed in March.