Hi All,

Setting aside the limited editions that have been announced so far by our favorite small publishing houses, I'm wondering if there are any upcoming (2019) trade edition books that you are excited about? It can sometimes be hard to find out what is in the pipeline and I hate the idea of missing out on any cool books that may be published in 2019. I know that the books below are definitely on my list to buy. Any you think I should add/be aware of?

1) CJ Tudor "The Hiding Place"
2) Dan Simmons "Omega Canyon"
3) Joe Lansdale "The Elephant of Surprise"
4) Josh Malerman "Inspection"
5) Christopher Golden "The Pandora Room"
6) F. Paul Wilson "The Void Protocol"
7) Michael Kortya "If She Wakes"
8) Michael Rutger"The Possession"
9) Paul Tremblay "Growing Things & Other Stories"
10) Craig Davidson "The Saturday Night Ghost Club"