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This isn't directed at anyone, but just a reminder to keep things respectful, please.

The price of this "kind" of Limited Edition is always a topic of discussion and that's very understandable. Expensive things are interesting to discuss! Beautiful books are interesting to discuss! Thus, beautiful expensive books are very interesting. At least if you're one of the maniacs who hangs out in places like this!

For anyone who wonders "where the money goes," I've priced out the specs on books like this. To do them right, the way Paul does, isn't cheap. Tons of hand-labor. Lots of custom-made pieces.

I've also done the cost analysis on scaling up a print run to lower the price point, and that is really easy to do with a traditionally manufactured book for sure... You run the risk of printing more copies than you can sell, of course, if the lower price doesn't attract enough customers to buy those additional copies.

But for books that have so much hand labor, customized features, exotic material, etc... scaling up doesn't put nearly the dent in the retail price as you would expect. ("Wow, that hand-woven cloth from India is $50,000 for the amount I need, but if I double the size of the order that'll be...$98,000." or "These hand-made cases cost $915 each for 30, but if have 60 made it'll be $905 each...")

Just my two cents from having run specs for 300+ books ranging from trade editions to $3000 Lettered Editions over the past 16 years.

Yea that's pretty much where I was coming from as well. Sure you get bulk discounts on materials, but they tend to not make much of a dent. In hand made stuff it's all labor costs really and there's no bulk discounts on labor. This is coming not from the perspective Brian has knowing the actual costs of things, but from the perspective of someone who makes stuff by hand and sells them.