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Thread: "Creepshow" television series

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    "Creepshow" television series

    I definitely want to see this, but I hate subscribing to a streaming service to get it. But I probably will. Hope it's really good.

    Will King have any financial participation in this, does anyone know? I hope so, because perhaps then it will mean he might have a story placed on the series. I wonder too if Joe Hill or Owen King will be invited to write episodes (one assumes they would be).

    When something like this is announced, I also wonder if writers at CD will turn to their agents to see if they can submit scripts. What about Richard Chizmar? Or Bentley Little? I imagine the arrival of a new anthology project on a streaming service must set a lot of behind-the-scenes action in motion in terms of writers/agents jockeying for position...wish I had access to Hollywood!

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    I am intrigued! Thanks for posting this.

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