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Thread: Walking With Ghosts by Brian James Freeman from PS Publishing

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    Quote Originally Posted by saginawhorror View Post
    That's why I bought a bookcase just for my BJF patreon books! Currently has about half a shelf full. Looking forward to getting the next box! I'm one of the ones looking forward to reading whatever you write.
    Thank you very much! I cannot wait to share my plans for 2019 and especially 2020...

    Brian James Freeman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian James Freeman View Post
    I'm really happy I was able to secure enough copies for Level 7 to get it! I love foreign editions of all kinds of books even though I obviously cannot read them. I can't really explain why! Maybe just something about how stories can be so universal...

    But what I'm trying to do with these upcoming foreign editions of my work is I trade a little of my author payment to buy enough copies for the Level 7 people, too, since I usually only get one copy! (Plus I buy a few for myself because how often do I see my work in these languages, right??)

    Thanks again for your support!
    I'm sure that is awesome feeling for an author. Looking forward to all the great things to come and best of luck with it!

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