Wow!! The Book literally appeared and disappeared, it was that fast Here's how it went.

"The demand for the limited slipcased illustrated edition of The Name of the Wind has been huge!

We listed the first batch at 8 am London time and it sold out within minutes!

We are listing two smaller batches of the remaining available copies at 1 pm & 10 pm London time. We have chosen to list the remaining books this way to give as many as possible in different time zones around the world a fighting chance of ordering the book. We are trying to be as fair as possible in selling this book."

I had a window open to London time, site open and ready to go. I looked away, looked back, it was 1:00:06. The book popped up, I clicked on it, completed the transaction through paypal. Went back to the site, the book was gone. Less then a minute or so. I've never seen anything like it. They're selling 250 copies. Got one, can't believe it.