Tom Monteleone has announced that Borderlands will be doing a third series of Little Books, starting with A Little Gray Book of Shadows by William F. Nolan.

Perhaps of more interest to the folks here, one of the authors Borderlands is in negotiations with for this series is Stephen King. After the absolute fiasco that was the Joe Hill Little Book release, it may be wise to bite the bullet and collect the whole of series 3. Worst case, you end up paying the usual price for a Stephen King limited edition because you bought the other 14 books, but judging by who is already committed and the other authors they're trying to land, I suspect buying the whole thing will be well worth it.

The full announcement from Tom:


One of our most popular ongoing projects has been our highly collectible "Little Books" Series which has now reached 30 titles with the long-sold-out Series I and the recently completed Series II.

(We recently saw a complete matched set of Series I selling at the World Fantasy Convention for $950.00!)

Our Little Book series has been a virtual Who's Who of writers of Dark Fantasy, Horror, and Suspense (many of whom have been awarded the HWA's Lifetime Achievement Award)—including Gary Braunbeck, Dennis Etchison, Neil Gaiman, Ray Garton, Rick Hautala, Joe Hill, Jack Ketchum, Joe Lansdale, Jonathan Maberry, Thomas F. Monteleone, David Morrell, David Schow, Peter Straub, Karl Wagner, and F. Paul Wilson.

We are currently assembling the roster of writers for Series III and have already signed Ramsey Campbell, Mort Castle, Richard Chizmar, Heather Graham, Charles L. Grant, Owen King, Josh Malerman, William F. Nolan, and Tim Waggoner. In the coming months, pending negotiations, we hope to announce the addition of writers such as Thomas Ligotti, Bentley Little, Gahan Wilson, Caitlyn Kiernan, and Stephen King.

If you wish to guarantee you acquire a complete matched set of Series III, be sure to pre-order the first Title below and send us a note indicating you would like reserve the same number for the entire Series. Limited to 350 copies, all books are signed by the author (Charles Grant edition signed by the editor, Kathryn Ptacek), and we expect the series to sell out completely . . . . so don't delay!