I suspect many of us have read Grady Hendrix' new PAPERBACKS FROM HELL release, where he discusses, reviews, and in some cases affectionately skewers the horror paperbacks and their particular tropes from primarily the '80s and early '90s mass-market horror boom.

I'm one of those who has been picking up those Paperbacks From Hell pbs over the last couple months, inspired by the Hendrix book, and have been posting pics of them up on Twitter. Those interested can see my tweets w/ pics here (and feel free to follow me...you know, I think that's the first time I've ever typed those words, but damn it, one of these days I do hope to break the 100-follower mark (my goals are modest ):


I've been picking them up for the most part just as a fun lark. I do plan to read many -- well, some -- of them, but unlike my normal TBR pile, these horror pbos pickups are for me more about nostalgia, the cover art bringing back memories of a time that seems increasingly long ago and removed from today's publishing climate. They're fun, they're gaudy, they're time travel devices.

I have seem prices of some of these skyrocket thanks to Hendrix' book, but that's definitely not how I roll on these things. At two, three bucks a pop, they're a fun, harmless diversion, and they're becoming increasingly less common, so finding one is often like an Easter Egg hunt in a bookstore. But double-digit pricing?...I'll leave the true Collecting of these things to others.

Anyway, thought some here might enjoy seeing some pics of what I've found. I'll continue to post new shots on Twitter as I get them...though it seems like finding these things is a feast-or-famine kind of thing.