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Thread: Blockade Billy (Limited and Lettered Editions)

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    Grant Wootton
    Oh yeah Siep, I'd like to see that too !!!!

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    Administrator Ok, I really can't come up with anymore of these stupid things... Brian James Freeman's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by frik51 View Post
    True! I wish we'd get s sneak-peek of the lettered Full Dark No Stars!!

    I might be able to post some photos of the book itself in the near future. We generally prefer to wait until we have the complete production for that, but I'll see how much progress the box maker has made in his next update!
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    Grant Wootton
    Dribble, drool, hmmm, lettered editions, doughnuts .... Okay, show us the money (or Lettered) then Brian (just a little sneaky peek'll do)

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