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    Is this part of the Hodges trilogy? I believe it is not, but maybe I am incorrect.

    Ron, maybe what we need from King is something along the lines of Thinner -- a quick, efficient three-hundred-pager focusing on plot. I'd also love more collections of stories and novellas.

    I love King's work. But I seemed to have more time for it when I was younger, which is actually quite an obvious observation, I suppose. Now, as I get older and have less time to do stuff, I sort of want faster reads in terms of page count. King's character development, while some of the best in the business, takes up space that could be devoted to plot. I recently read Limitless, the book that the movie was based on (with B. Cooper) and which had another title before the movie was released, and I remember thinking that it would be great if King started concentrating on books like that. Thinner is an example to which I always return when mentioning what efficient-King looks like. That, and Misery, I suppose. Revival is arguably along the lines of what I am talking about, that title had a good premise and it wasn't overly long, certainly. Also, would not mind seeing a novella sequel to It....
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