I have been a collector of CD and other small press books for several years. Due to recent life events I will be moving and, unfortunately, I canít take my collection with me. I have about 750 books Iím selling and I want to offer the books to other CD Forum members first.

I have attached a zipped .txt file in csv format for Excel or other spreadsheet application. I have a handful of books not in the file, but it contains the bulk of what I have to sell. The notes column lists some details as well as any known issues with the book and also the number if it is a numbered edition.

Most of the books are brand new and unread or in fine condition. However, many of them were purchased on the secondary market and some are better than others. All are in Very Good condition or better as far as I am aware, but Iíll inspect each title that there is interest in. (I know that was not a grammatically correct sentence since it ended in a preposition, but Iím a reader not a writer, LOL).

I collected nearly every CD book published (both Trade/Gift and Limited Editions) except some of the rarest titles. I only have a couple of Lettered Editions though. I have about 50 ARCs (all from CD) listed in the spreadsheet.

The only Centipede Press books are paperback except for the very large Knowing Darkness SK illustrations book - It is the Slipcased Trade Edition though and not the even larger Traycased or Deluxe Editions.

I also have Some Subterranean Press and Thunderstorm Books along with a smattering of other small press publishers.

I have not had a chance to research the value of every one of these. There are a few gems like Legacies and Doctor Sleep (both signed by Stephen King), Crane House #1, Four Ghosts, early Laymon titles, etc. and a lot of great titles as well as standard small press fare.

I have multiple copies of some titles due to grab bag purchases and such, so donít be surprised if I throw in another item along with the one(s) you purchase as wellÖ I need to get all of these out of the house before I move. :-/

I also have a few of the CD Magazine holders and about 25 of the CD magazine issues (mainly the newer ones). Iíll get the exact list if anyone is interested. I have all of the released CD comic books as well.

I have included the hardcover comic collections for a few series, such as The Dark Tower, American Vampire, The Stand, etc. In addition, I also have most of the individual comics for these series as well. Almost all are brand new, bagged and boarded individual copies. Just let me know if you are interested.

Finally, I still have a lot of CD titles on order that will be coming in over the next few years (probably about 50 titles or so). I am not currently ordering anything new, but these are all previously announced titles that are still not published but I have already ordered. For example, I have both the Gift and Artist editions of every one of the Stephen King Doubleday Years titles on order. All of the Artist edition titles already received (Carrie, ĎSalemís Lot, and The Shining) have been remarqued by Glenn Chadbourne and all 6 of them will have the same number. Please let me know if you are interested in any of these previously announced future titles from CD, because odds are that I have already ordered them and will have one to sell when they are released.

Please DM me and let me know if you are interested in any of these books and we can figure out a fair price that works for everyone.


- Brian

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