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Just to push that button a wee bit more...

Here's a shot of the full set...the one in the middle without a spine title is THE EVERLASTING by Tim Lebbon, and the one on the left end w/out a spine title is F. Paul Wilson's The Peabody- Ozymandias Traveling Circus & Oddity Emporium. NEP didn't do a lettered for every release, so some you may be familiar with are correctly missing.

...and here is another one, by itself on another bookcase top. This one, BERSERK by Tim Lebbon, may be the nicest lettered I've ever seen...certainly the nicest I own. It comes on its own NEP stand, and the face peering out from the car window is striking and plays well to the story within.

The design is innovative...when the "trunk" of the "car" traycase is lifted up, the taillights go on. You can lock the "trunk" with the key that you can see peeking out from underneath the stand.

Cool stuff. I think a new collection thread is in order!