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The thing about TSB is that on a per-book basis, it's really not THAT expensive to pick up any titles - even the very early Black Voltage titles, like House of Blood or Mother, don't get too absurd (on the other hand, they rarely come up for sale). However, Paul publishes a LOT of books, so the sheer volume you may end up wanting to acquire is overwhelming.
Yeah, the volume was the first thing I noticed. Then I did a little digging and I'm not sure their stuff fits my taste. I don't bend to the extreme end of horror. Though I did preorder the lettered edition of Off Season, I don't normally like work that critics can label torture porn. It's not that I won't read something grisly, it just has to have a point, some development. It's tough because I'm sure I'd like some of these works. I'm afraid of spending limited edition money on gore for gore's sake.