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This is indeed the "South Park" cover; Google "south park kenny" to see what people are getting at.

I may lack the vocabulary to make myself clear, but as the lone person (in this thread) that doesn't like this cover, perhaps I can explain why (and, in my case, nothing to do with not wanting to see something different; there is a lot of variety in the small/niche press world, but this is the first thing that screamed "cheap cartoon" to me): I too like the suggestion of "barely restrained violence," but the lack of color gradation lent the whole thing a very unreal "construction paper" feel to me, which undercut whatever else the work might have been able to accomplish. Disaster movies sometimes have poor special effects where you can tell that the building being destroyed isn't a building but a model; if you've had that experience, this (for me) is a similar feeling - I feel like I'm looking at a model or toy, not an illustration of a real thing. If an abridged Shining were somehow produced for 10 year olds, this would be a fitting cover (IMO).

Again, not trying to talk anyone out of a positive opinion they might have on this piece, just trying to shed some light on how it strikes me.
For what it's worth I was referring to the original trade hard cover from 1977 when I was referring to the "barely restrained violence".

The Shining art that got axed by SP doesn't quite have the same feel. I guess it could be implied by Jack in the door way. I do like it, but I don't love it. I do however generally like Gabriel Rodriguez's art. And his art in SP's NOS4A2 is top notch. Again, better resolution might reveal a more attractive art. This one seems a bit basic, but I do like it.