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    Daninsky's Collection

    I've been here a while now, mostly just lurking and admiring everyone's collections. Finally decided I'd start posting some of my own library, as I feel that sharing one's acquisitions with other enthusiasts in a hobby is one of the most gratifying aspects of collecting! I think I'm going to post my stuff by publisher until I get 'caught up.' I'll do most of it by 'shelf', aside from a few really special pieces that I think warrant their own set of pics.

    Going to start with my favorite publisher, Centipede Press. First book I'm sharing is actually the centerpiece of my entire collection, Centipede or otherwise. I've never come across another one of these and it remains my most treasured volume and one of the most gorgeously put-together books I've ever had the pleasure of touching, let alone owning.

    Gene Wolfe's "Shadow of the Torturer" deluxe edition, published in 2007 by Centipede Press in full Chieftain goatskin leather, with deckled Saunders Waterford paper and an accompanying traycase. Only 13 of this state (numbered in Roman Numerals) were created, with 11 of them sold before publication and the other two going (I believe) to Mr. Walters and Mr. Wolfe.
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