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Thread: Leaving online reviews 2017 resolution:

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    Leaving online reviews 2017 resolution:

    In a recent email from Richard Chizmar he talked about how online reviews help the author. I have heard this before but have always been rather lazy about leaving reviews. For whatever reason, possibly because I am reading his book now and really enjoying it, his note stuck with me.

    I thought I would share it here and I have resolved to leave more online reviews in 2017.

    Richards Note:

    Hi Folks!

    One of the lessons we've learned at Cemetery Dance over the last few years is that Amazon Customer Reviews are hugely important when it comes to promoting eBooks. Many services won't even accept your money to promote your eBook if you don't have enough positive customer reviews on Amazon. (Goodreads helps, too.)

    If you've read A LONG DECEMBER and you feel inclined to leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads, here are the links:

    (You can review any edition of the book, not just the one you purchased -- the review will show up on all of the other pages for the book!)

    No worries, of course, if you're not the type to write a review! But if you have an account for either of these websites and want to say something about the book, that would be a huge help. Reviews only need to be one or two sentences, too, so don't worry if the idea of writing a review seems overwhelming. Just a few words about the book is all you need to write and you're good to go!

    Thank you, as always, for your continuing support!

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    I wrote a lot of reviews early in the year last year, but kind of tapered off in the end. It is a good point though, I should try to do it more often.

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    I try to do reviews as much as I can, especially on Goodreads (as I keep track of my progress there). Not so much on Amazon, as even though I have an e-reader, it is a Kobo, and a LOT of e-books available on Amazon are not available on Kobo I think.

    I am not good at reviews (IMO), and usually they are short and to the point, unless the book really has an effect on me. Plus, a lot of books I read are older and most of the time, other reviews of the same book will more often than not include what I want to say. Otherwise, I am just giving a summary.

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