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Thread: 2017 Reading list

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave1442397 View Post
    Same here. I can have music on, but I might hear the first song, if that. I could look up from a book an hour later and realize that the music is still playing, but I haven't heard a thing.
    I don't often listen to music while reading, but I used to do it all the time. I would snap out of it to clicking static and realize the side of my LP had been finished for a long time.

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    I listen to Jazz while reading. Or classical music. Anything else is too distracting.

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    Silence is preferred but often I find myself trying to read in a noisy environment. I've gotten pretty good at reading with the TV on, music playing, noisy kids running around etc. If I can read in a crazy noisy environment, I can read anywhere and that's very reassuring! Preferred music is ambient.

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