I thought there was a post about this at some time, but had no luck finding it.

I have decided that I would like to start checking out some podcasts - basically listen at night before/as I go to sleep. I have tried a couple - with varying results. I found these by researching a couple online searches.

Limetown - the premise sounds great - listened to the 1st episode. The narrator impressed me. Will likely continue with this.

Welcome to Night Vale - Probably one of the most hyped? So popular they release a book based on it. Started listening to episode 1, but it felt/sounded a little "cheesy" to me. May revisit it though.

No Sleep - This one had great reviews and was on many lists. Started on Reddit - and basically is the reading of short stories originally posted on their Reddit. Again...listed to episode 1 (last night) and it was a reading of (I think) 3 stories - good narrator again.

Anybody else here into Podcasts like the above? Any suggestions? Obviously mostly into the horror/sci-fi/paranormal genres.

For me it will be mostly listening as I fall asleep (although I know I won't remember much, if anything about them). The above are all about 30-35 minutes long, which is perfect for what I would be looking for.