Socky. Very very sorry I am late. Listen: I cannot thank you enough for your time, effort to write all those entertaining. well-written thoughts on those movies. I could not have done that. I hate writing even with a few published short stories under my belt. I hate writing though I do like the end product. I digress...

I already have a few from the festival ready to watch. Heh. I had the new Brad Anderson and forgot !
I do believe I have Lodge, too. Plus, I may have that Irish film.You know if I'd ever had a daughter I would have named her Siobhan becaused the way it's pronounced is very very lovely and full-on in your face Irish.

Thank you thank you thank you ! for the hard work, giving us flicks to check out and I am glad you and the wifey had a great time.

I will post thoughts in the Rate Movie area on these bad boys.

Layta !

Oh . I have got to get Parasite though I do have Knives Out which is gathering good buzz.