Selling this beautiful copy of Four Halloweens on eBay. Signed lettered edition, signed by Gorman, Burke, Prentiss, Garton and Chadbourne. This is copy I of 52 printed.

Auction will start on Sunday March 27 at 7 pm EST. The link will not work until after this date and time. Listing and posting early due to the holiday. Click the following link to go to the auction listing: FOUR HALLOWEENS

From the CD site book description:


Author: Ed Gorman, Kealan Patrick Burke, Norman Prentiss, Ray Garton
Artist: Glenn Chadbourne
Page Count: 106
Pub. Date: February 2016
Status: Out of Print
Four Halloweens
Featuring Ed Gorman, Kealan Patrick Burke, Norman Prentiss, and Ray Garton

Featuring cover and interior artwork by Glenn Chadbourne

Note for Collectors:
The Lettered Edition sold out in less than 36 hours.

About the Book:
Four Halloweens is a special anthology featuring stories by four of our favorite authors that will only be available for preorder for FOUR DAYS and then it'll never be available again!

The signed Limited Edition of this very special book will be SOLD OUT and OUT OF PRINT as of Halloween night THIS WEEK!

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The signed Limited Edition and deluxe signed Lettered Edition of this title will only be available for preorder between October 28, 2013 and 11:59:59 PM EST on October 31, 2013 meaning you, the collector, will help set the print run for this beautiful, lavishly illustrated, and signed special hardcover edition!

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