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My copy arrived today, which shocked me...I'm usually among the last to receive their copy. I'm still really bummed that the magazine has jettisoned the review section, though.
My copy arrived today as well...really looking forward to the Robert Bloch article. I noticed the reviews were gone as well, though I suppose given the untimeliness (sp?) of the publication it makes a certain amount of sense. It still has plenty of non-fiction in it, and though I kind of hate to admit it as I tend to send in a story myself each time the submission gates open (and got kind of close last time), that's where my interest lay with CD Mag these days. I have so much narrative fiction just waiting to be read in my TBR pile(s) that I look at CD Mag as kind of a fun respite from fiction. That said, I always read at least the first couple paragraphs of each story to see if there's anything in there that just has to be read.