As some of you may know, one of the final stretch goals for the recent The Naughty List Kickstarter campaign was that Brian would write a fifth book set in the world of The Rising. The stretch goal was met, but then disaster struck as the payment system shit itself because so many backers were in the US, but the campaign was in British pounds sterling - there was a real chance that not enough backers would take the necessary steps to make sure their pledge went through, and the book might not happen.

Brian has been off of social media for the last month, so fans were left wondering what was happening. Well, last night he posted this on his own forum in response to someone guessing the book wasn't happening:

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Nah, it's going ahead.
The more interesting thing is what he said right after that:

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We lost a fairly big backer, but Richard Chizmar at Cemetery Dance came in after and made up the difference in exchange for the limited edition hardcover rights.
So a huge thanks to Richard for helping make this happen! I honestly expected the LE of the fifth book to come out under Brian's Maelstrom imprint, but this is just as good .