Damn, I don't know how people do this for a living. I'm stuck on 70,000 words. I'm nearing the end, but, what I find myself doing is reading what I've written over, and over again, which depresses the hell out of me because it's so fucking badly written. The story itself may be alright, but, my feeble mind just can't come up with the words to convey a particular emotion, or scene.
And, it's lonely, so very lonely. Not one of my family or friends has even asked to read any of it. Hell, they haven't even asked what it's about. Oh, your writing a book? Yay, that's great!
Depressed. Very fucking depressed.
But, I'm gonna finish the goddamn thing. If it's the last thing I do in this miserable shit filled life of mine.
Sorry, had to rant, and whine. Might help me.
To those of you who write for a living, whether it's novels, short stories, articles, reviews, God bless you, you are giants, and, yes, I am jealous.