I am once again in the business to buy small press horror mags, zines and newsletters. I used to have a collection of several hundred, sold a couple hundred in the last few years but am looking to revive the collection with a possible online archival for historical purposes. (Still to be decided on how to do...)

If you have any mags buried in a closet that you'd like to get rid of, please shoot me a message at horrorjonny@gmail.com.

Below is a list of what kinds of things I'd be looking for.

[US and UK small press horror fiction and non-fiction mags. Hundreds of titles, well known and hardly known ones such as Grue, Horror Show, Midnight Zoo, Scream Factory, 2AM, After Hours, Black October, Book of Dark Wisdom, Epitaph, Footsteps, Gauntlet, Haunts, Lore, Horror Garage, Horrorstruck, New Blood, Phantasm, Frightmares, Mindmares, Outer Darkness, Dark Dreams, Shudder Stories, etc. etc. etc. Also looking for horror bookseller catalogs, convention programs, newsletters (HWA, Hellnotes, British Fantasy)]