I can completely understand where you're coming from. CD is really the only one I'd trust I think with preorders as I haven't had a bad experience. Plus as a CDCC member, you get discounts even on other's publisher's works. And I assume if that publisher doesn't come through for whatever reason, then CD would either refund your money or give ya store credit. I can't say enough good things about Kim and the way she conducts business over at Camelot. She definitely takes care of her customers very well. I recently bought into CD's Signature Series through her for matching numbers and future rights. I have my PS King editions matched through Dave at Overlook as well as the Remarque series he offers. The PS editions aren't paid for until they arrive at his place and ready to ship. I do have to preorder the Remarques but I understand that he probably has to pay Glenn for his work beforehand, which I'm completely ok with. At least we all have options on how we choose to make our purchases.