Surprise Announcement!
FOUR HALLOWEENS 2 Featuring Brian Keene, Simon Clark, Norman Partridge, and A Surprise Guest!
This Signed Limited Edition Hardcover Will Only Be Sold For The Next FOUR DAYS And That's It!
NO Reprint Editions, No Paperbacks, No eBooks, No Audiobooks!
The Ultimate Halloween Collectible For Cemetery Dance Collectors!

Hi Folks!

We're very pleased to announce a brand new FOUR DAYS ONLY SIGNED LIMITED EDITION HARDCOVER:

FOUR HALLOWEENS 2 will feature original stories by Brian Keene and Simon Clark along with classic reprints by Norman Partridge and a surprise special guest we can't name until after the sales window has closed!

Plus, this stunning hardcover will be graced with cover and interior artwork by Glenn Chadbourne!

FOUR HALLOWEENS 2 will only be available for preorder for FOUR DAYS and then it'll never be available again!

The signed Limited Edition of this very special book will be SOLD OUT and OUT OF PRINT as of Halloween weekend — THIS WEEKEND!

FOUR HALLOWEENS 2 will never be available to the general public again: no dealers, no wholesalers, no bookstores! And with this book, we can tell you right now: IT WILL NEVER SEE PRINT AGAIN! No paperback, no eBooks, no trade edition, nothing!

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