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Thread: The latest Concert You Attended

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    I just recently got to see the Foo myself. Fantastic concert. Dave was funny and did a lot of interacting with the crowd. He showcases the rest of the band nicely. And yes, over 3 hours! How does he do that scream of his in almost every song?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bookworm 1 View Post
    I really want to see Foo Fighters. That's a bucket list show for sure. .
    I'm seeing them for the first time in 2018...really looking forward to it.

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    Styx came through town here at Ceasar's Windsor in November - yay free tickets!!!!!! 4th time seeing them, and was my wife's first rock concert too! They always put on a great show.

    re: Foo Fighters - I want to see them one day. Not a huge fan, but I do like a lot of their stuff I hear on the radio. Detroit has a new arena for their hockey team, and there are a ton of concerts lined up, not sure if they are one of them or not.

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