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Thread: ARCs

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonClinton View Post
    John, thanks for the thoughts behind the desire. I readily admit -- and, in fact, mention above -- that the points I discuss above don't apply to collectors of King and GRRM and a few select others. There is a fanatical bent to those collectors that skew the points I mention, wherein releases that might not otherwise interest generalized collectors of other authors (like ARCs, galleys, PC editions, etc.) hold great interest for the collectors of King, et al.

    Actually, that's not what I said. What I wrote was "Along w/ the lack of unique number as mentioned above, another issue limiting the value and desirability of PC editions is that there is no telling how many PC editions are out there...could be a few, could be a lot" -- so my comments were in regards to PC editions, not ARCs.

    Oh, I'm there, just w/ another user I.D, though because my interest tend to be much more broad than just King, I don't post too often. And, yes, on that point you may be correct, but I'd just fall back to my earlier point that King collectors are a fanatical group unto themselves, and the rules and trends of what's in demand and what isn't (i.e. ARCs and PC copies) that dictate the rest of the book-collecting industry largely do not apply.
    I meant to apologize for my misunderstanding of your comment regarding PC copies. I DID read it as applying to ARCs. Sorry.


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    No apologies was an interesting back-and -forth.

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