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Thread: 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #19-The Dark Tower-Artist-Whelan Drawing

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    Cool 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #19-The Dark Tower-Artist-Whelan Drawing

    Haven Foundation Fundraiser 2015 - Official Auction



    As part of this year's Haven Foundation Fundraiser, is proud to auction this new, unique and fine Collectible item.
    For your consideration is an Artist 1st Edition, of Stephen King's The Dark Tower; published by Donald M. Grant Publisher Inc.
    Michael Whelan drew a "Sigul" on the signature page! The book is housed in a custom case created by Book

    This is a truly special piece!!

    Thanks to member Room 217 Caretaker for this kind donation!

    2a56d592-a422-4ba2-95f8-52753eb12744_zps06dcfc28.jpg 4737ec83-1526-4038-ab7b-c0dcfc00e2ef_zpsb4ea3bf3.jpg
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